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2018/07/05 16:51:30 プライベート♪
Better be heartless than heartless
Your present state is what you used to earn with your efforts, and your future state is what you decide with your efforts. Neither man nor woman has the ability to live a good life without the ability to live a good life.

Your pain is to complain all the time but endure it and not change. In this world, don't rely on others too much, because even your shadow will leave you in the dark hong kong apartments. Don't spend time perfecting your imperfect self, or waste time expecting the perfect person.

You really like what you want, nothing is easy to get, that's why you work hard. Maybe everyone has to go through the process of tunneling their heart out, and then the result of tearing their heart out. From now on, they will find the benefits of being heartless.

I used to think that the pain of tearing heart has been followed by rain and sunshine, but at the same time, I envy those who laugh heartless. It's better to be heartless than heartless. Don't cry over people and things that aren't worth it.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, what I have experienced is not so much that it is not worth me to be angry about Sage CRM. But for me, even a little thing can make me sad for a while. When little things pile up and explode together, all the sadness rushes in at the same time, flooding me. I told with tears my heart broken lung, but only get others make a big deal of disdain eyes; I express my pain in silence, only to be ignored by others.

Just when I was immersed in grief, only fei came up to me, laughing and making me talk, trying to break my silence. To begin with, I think she is deliberately playing tricks on me, so there is no good to her complexion, let her like noisy hen in my side, wish she will soon feel boring, don't bother me again. However, fei did not seem to know how to give up two words how to write, no matter how cold I was not the size of her enthusiasm. Imperceptibly, I was gradually led by her out of sadness bridal makeup course, can more and more calmly look at the things that make me sad.

To my question, fei smiled and said, "it's better to be heartless than heartless. That's my experience." Perhaps only after experiencing the pain of tearing heart and lung can we experience the heartless joy. Some things, whether we care about them or not, have become a fact. What we can do is to let ourselves down and be happy as soon as possible. Indulging yourself in grief will only make you more miserable. But the people who make us sad don't feel guilty for long. They still live their own lives and don't pay attention to our sadness. So why waste tears to make life more miserable?

It is better to be heartless than heartless. May everyone who is desperately sad show a bright smile as soon as possible after telling their sorrow.
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2018/04/23 19:02:20 プライベート♪
A curtain of tobacco rain, rape flowers
Last night, small wind, blew away the misty rain cross, a wisp of fragrance floated through the window and spring night shy flower, rays of petals fall within the courtyard qing shiban, streams flowing willow slow shake, willow breeze, water Ye Xiang lingering, flower dew green, flow into the rockery pool, one curtain dream of spring, a light fragrance, several Ye Lou, half behind Foreign Company Registration in hong kong, a few slices of duckweed gentle night pond, a gust of wind, and was the original misty rain jiangnan, the disc dance, foggy and rainy light falls on the boulevard, the wind gently lifting your curtains, a burst of baptism, Mosaic, swaying spring night charming, the girl body appearance is graceful, kiss xiu dance, from the and, light on the shade of flowers, you walk into your hazy jiang, go to the rape mad with the place...

A pond of spring water rhymes, a mountain of green tea; A butterfly, a butterfly, a flower song; A pile of spring dreams lingering, a tree of leaves shaking; My jiangnan rape field extends, the vast countryside, the end of the ridge, crazy dye rape field rendering in the sun, the field of water wheel in turn, rape golden bright sage 50, flashing in the flow rhyme water, a silver light waves dance, the rape flowers from Tian Geng piaoxiang the green tweed, rape is an cauliflower dance, fence country paddy rhyme, green hedge dance pond lotus leaf, flower of flood walls, Wells flow gulley hut, on both sides of the castle peak around the flower field, good scenery picturesque scenery. The child rode on the back of the plow, and ran through the golden ridges, disappearing in the distance with the misty rain.

Into the season of rape crazy dye, golden sky, into flower fields, flowers of rape zi zi, from the village, the blue brick flies in the porcelain tile walls has been spread to the back of the pond bamboo sea, seedling bed grows green dance movement, wind acoustic wave green trees, a ridge of rapeseed crazy countryside, from the rising crazy dye to dusk, from jiangnan dye have been crazy to south anhui, jiangnan fence rape, huizhou qingtian rape incense, spring to the countryside mud village, to the green floral fragrance depressive soil; To the watertown, the small boat, water fishing, the green mountains on the green, spring to the country; Walk into the fragrant flowers of the season, into the story of your flower field, that is a ridge of rape flower field crazy dyeing.

April golden-covered mountain green, a gust of wind, leaves fresh bamboo leaves green, rape flowers and stone bridge. Approached you rape growing season, water surplus fish huan, a shade of dye in the village, the moving a bit misty rain fly, through the chiangnan flower field, through the hedge on the grass, splashes out spray overflow, in the spring under the ripples in a colour like the canvas Event Planning, the girl with a brush to indulge on cotton print copy, a golden -- and a mu mu cauliflower, swaying wave spray flying wave, this leaf boat ripples in the awning, wear a swim in the rape of the waterway, cauliflower wave dye -- sweet, village people standing in the bow wave rolled blade, artemisia annua duckweeds float grass dance, river waves roll splashes, cauliflower day-lily buds flowers fly, the wind is infected by you.

In a bit of your life in the countryside, the brilliant golden set off in the middle of the water, roaming in the festival cauliflower field, the music is, everywhere in the distance ditty float in the sky, the virgin girl sat sedan across the flower field, through bearers of the footprints are golden. I walk in the south of the south of April, smoke and rain fly mist green willow yi, qingqing tei the yingying dance, the rape flower yellow drunk green, the romantic fragrance of the maple bridge cave, the head of the garden yellow flowers. The rape flower field in my dream grows crazily, rolling a curtain of smoke and rain flying flowers, immediately dyeing rape flowers; The rape flowers of my jiangnan flood into the colorful spring; A cluster of golden yellow, a fragrance, swaying curvaceous wine field, my April rape flower charm boundless, intoxicated you my heart.

The shade of the misty rain, a window, the window golden yellow flowers, and the splash around the cottage, water gurgling tea planting green, leafy branches mau emerald green fruit, my jiangnan rape, dyed drunk seedling cyan is inadequate; A green spring breeze, a touch of green, a touch of gold in the countryside, a cauliflower, a fragrance, a curtain of spring rain hedge grass, my tobacco rain in the rape field, has long become a golden dictionary. Passing through the dream of misty rain, raising embroidery curtains, a pillow of lingering, a curtain of dream, a night breeze microflower dew, green shoots buds, a pool of spring water lotus leaves; Birds sing, shake green branches, a zen spring dew green leaves; A leaf boat, a cluster of green, water carrying small boat pond; Golden carp, black wu, a pond of carp in the spring pond, floating lotus leaf pond noodles, water rich green tea garden, my jiangnan oil field full of country wilderness.

Jiangnan misty rain dream, dawn has been studied between countryside, jiangnan misty rain sensibility, flying over the plow, across the pond, floating in the ancient city of quiet lane, handed to the view in the mist curtain, the curtain of a dish, the chiangnan misty rain fly away the fog, hazy, flowers are thick, I that the shade of misty rain lingering, butterfly powder, bee honey, rape pervaded in April, the flowers floating thousands of miles, the season of rape field became a heartthrob.
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2018/04/23 18:50:13 プライベート♪
The most affectionate April day.
A good time to April the awaken of spring is abundant, who lived in the noisy city we had been looking forward to feeling the breath of spring, spring is flowers and plants, is a countryside, Bridges the somebody else is, is xanadu, or that patches of golden rape field, in April, let's go out for a walk, to embrace the most beautiful spring!

In the early morning of April, it was easy to draw, with a comfortable posture and a quiet mind, and a veil of gauze enveloped the countryside. The early bird gets the worm, the early bird has the spirit, the morning is like the brocade, it is our most beautiful dress, the heart is like the swallow, the light stretch.

The smoke of the morning picnics rose up over the village, the fresh air mingled with the enchanting glow, and the fogs covered the countryside. Chunyan low flying, egret gao xiang; The bee sings and the frog sings. The green of the wheat, the golden yellow of rape; Looming; Hidden in the White House of the peach tree, a different kind of spring scenery is depicted...

April is the season of the year. Without the beginning of the early spring, there is not the occasional hot spring. Everything is just fine, beautiful scenery, warm spring breeze. The season can not affect the life, but can affect the person's mood. The perfect beauty always meets the right person, who says the season has no bosom friend? I love every inch of April, every scene.

Peach blossom in April, love peach blossom, because she deduces or beautiful or desolate love story. The burning of the peach, the world of faye, the charming of the tree. Watch a happy garden full of peach blossoms, a heart that does not dye the dust to warm. May each of us, in the midst of the world, be not lost in the wilderness, and may sit upon a rock, and be drunk before falling.

People meet flowers in different ways and see flowers. This moment forever, is the most beautiful poem in spring, no matter what flowers are you, no matter you are what kind of life, the spring never forgot you, no matter which corner you are in, you have to do, is to blossom in spring, the color was supposed to belong to you...

Like life, some people have a busy stage, as the white cherry blossoms and crimson peach blossom, the ten thousand people looking forward to growth, bloom, with a lot of attention, focus, applause, applause, but it will have a curtain call that day, Some people have a stage that is quiet, like the rape of the country, in the open field of the breeze, free to grow, but also have the harvest of the season.

Spring is the beginning of the four seasons and the rebirth of the world. In this season of vitality, all things have a spirit and beauty. Hope that each of us, for all life, has an inner truth. In the passage of time, slowly become a pure person.

May the years be new and the world is still. Let the spring breeze take us on the road, let the spring flowers give us gorgeous, let the spring rain to moisten our hearts, let us go on a journey, hope that the journey will meet everything is beautiful...
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