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2018/12/04 16:47:37 プライベート♪
It is a cool autumn
Life is like a play, appearance, graffiti on the wall, with all kinds of appearance, may be unknown to the public, or a flash in the pan of beauty, we are a drop in the ocean, come and go, wonderful moment, but in the dim lights, a cold season to fall.

The day is cool a good autumn, life is like a dream, like a mill, boiling time, "bustling things scattered by incense dust, sunset dongfeng complaints crow birds. Catch the tail of the water trademark hk, in the autumn wind, say something aloud. Read the sentence "streamer easy to throw people, red cherry, green plantain", bit by bit arranged into the wind, blowing an autumn changtian love.

Autumn is the most suitable for miss, once the most beautiful time, the most beautiful scenery, in the cool yellow leaf veins, scratch a beautiful, green secret. A person can understand the language, also such as waiting for a single migratory bird dream, distant memory, a line of deep memory, remember, remember, or the old, very happy very happy.

Quietly looking at the sky, lying side by side on the middle of the autumn moon, waiting for the busy curtain, I do not know whether the memory will be broken, stop the memory of the hourglass, and this autumn water a total of long days, so beautiful abbott Pediasure, how to give up a person to collect. How many time stories, inch by inch baptism of the face, years of smoke and clouds, still remember the old look at that time, brand that ignorant branches, whether spring and summer, or autumn and winter, a place, living in a city miss.

Autumn came quietly, is still the sky, clear sky, mianmianzhong is very know, huaichuai chui do not forget, do not abandon. Walk in the autumn fork road, blue sky, layout north and south or east and west, positioning choice, adhere to the faith, is a kind of heart to the autumn, the realm of consonance.

Cool day a good autumn, a little thin feelings, doping, after all, the passage of time, just memories. "Yellow leaves are still the wind and rain," this tree swaying, occasionally falling leaves fly, always remind the passing years, far away from home. The footstep that chases to turn a page, the afterheat that flutters every time, sheng fang lasting appeal, when ending alternately, continue to write miss, since the record did not go far forget.

Every experience, is a kind of mature; Every change is an opportunity. Every step forward, is a kind of courage, face bleak, face impermanence, give up a piece of green, harvest is the whole autumn. It is gratifying to see that mo yan is the same from beginning to end.

The train of the four seasons makes berth a bit, browse countless, to a window changeless and heartfelt master of computer science hong kong, no matter how much expectation drops, how many branches are deserted, the scene of a corner, wish to get a person's heart only; A glance of the eyes, only a city freeze.

Gossip sitting time, backward memory, autumn is silent, looks like, memory has gradually warming, hospitality, nestled in the bundle of autumn chrysanthemum, blossoming in full bloom, the shop is covered with golden mountains, together with a city maple red, dyed autumn tree after tree.

The day is cool good autumn, want to know contented only, stayed behind tolerant, this cool feeling, also be a kind of unique, autumn is quiet good, it is sunny day!
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2018/12/04 16:11:52 プライベート♪
My new friend
Someone once said that high school is the turning point of life, at which time you must have a good study partner... This sentence is very long, but I think, a good study partner, in addition to books, is a good friend with you.

A new life has begun. In a completely strange environment, I have made many friends, but the biggest influence on me is Chen wenhao.

I remember it was a rainy afternoon and I was so overcome with blood that I signed up for the 1,500-meter run. After the fame report, I suddenly felt very funny, a little bit beyond my ability, I climbed on the table with a sad face.

At this time I do not know who patted my head, I shouted angrily: "do not bother! Don't you see I'm busy?" Looking up, he saw Chen wenhao standing in front of me with a cheeky smile and said, "why are you so busy? Didn't I also sign up for 3,000 meters? Don't go to, I accompany you!" See him a face serious to say to me, my heart is filled with a strong desire, only 1500 meters, what to fear?

We raced toward the finish line at a flying speed, struggling to conquer the long 1, 500 meters. At first, I ran easily. To the side of him say: "this speed, isn't a bit slow?" He shook his head slightly and had a stern face, and I shut my mouth.

It began to rain. I'm losing my strength. Chen wenhao saw that I could not hold on, he slowed down his steps and whispered, "come on! You see only 200 meters left, must insist, must believe oneself! You certainly can."

Hearing his words, I suddenly gained strength. Yes, in the face of many setbacks in life, this is what? The rain hit me in the face and I still ran forward with my head high.

Success! 1500m was finally conquered by me! I hugged Chen wenhao excitedly. At this moment, I finally understand a sentence: "life to a bosom friend enough."

This is my good friend, a good friend worth making.
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2018/08/15 16:37:12 プライベート♪
A pond of blue water and a pond of lotus
In summer, I went to wuhan for business. When I passed xinzhou district, I saw the endless lotus blossoms along the road through the window. After a while of excitement, I fell into deep memory and meditation, thinking of the lotus pond in front of my hometown.

In my memory, every midsummer, the lotus leaf in the pond looks like a small umbrella. After the preparation of a spring, the water floats in clusters to the east and the west, trying to straighten up. Slowly close to the crowd, willfully open, layer upon layer baby skin, staggered, green covered the water. Occasionally, there are dragonflies in the water, butterflies flying, that lotus seems to get long-lost news, touch each other slightly, as if in a whisper. Groups of pairs of small fish, also join in the lively, sometimes swimming between the lotus, touched the lotus yangko similar sway, sometimes the fish actually jumped out of the water, fell on the lotus leaf, after a struggle, fell into the water, the water immediately formed a dynamic thread ring, from the inward and outward fluctuation, tantalizing. When the breeze blows, the water is sparkling, the lotus leaves are like green waves rolling, and like countless girls in blue skirts dancing, it is very touching. And tangbian willow wind from time to time gently flicking the water lotus leaves, tender and kiss the lotus leaves, to show the best of the situation, people can not tell who is who the subject of who is who.

I don't know whether I know, or I know, there is always a sense of closeness in my heart. Every summer, when walking slowly in the qingyi tangbian, accompanied by green leaves, flowers and plants, feel the clear reflection of the pond and the charm and mood of the lotus opening, listen to the heart of the lotus, see the green stretch Hydro Peel, the heart is comfortable. Especially in the early morning after rain washing, the air is moist, and I pace by the side of the wet lotus pond. Under the shadow of willow trees, the lotus becomes more and more green, more graceful and graceful. Among the green leaves, the pink lotus drops down and becomes full of moisture. White lotus with rain, immaculate purity; Even the goose yellow bud, is also at qinglian but not devil, showing that the flavor of the character of the far overflow. A "day after day lotus leaves infinite green" picture, elegant and full of charm.

I often steadfast stand at the edge of the lotus pond, or in the shade, men look at the thick leaves in different charm carved with every inch of water, long and soft with full lotus, lotus stem with zen attitude in this paper, the unique character and style, the blooming lotus girl like gently swaying skirt attire, dance on the green, long and love in the heart of love is always difficult to calm. In the cool and refreshing quietly read the lotus head shy, low brow smile of the United States, quietly enjoy the heart of the lingering lotus fragrance, intoxicated in the fragrance of the lotus.

The water reddened as the sunset reflected in the pond. At this time, the lotus, like a beautiful bride, in the evening glow of the wedding dress, beautiful to the extreme. And in the bright moonlight, like a dream mirage. Trees, cicadas chirp, frogs or squatting in the water hair styling class, or jump on the lotus leaf "quack," the lotus pond is more lively boiling, do not have a fun. In this atmosphere, I often pick a wisp of lotus fragrance, kiss a bunch of fresh, sleepy, long do not want to leave.

Due to the high purity and constancy of lotus flowers, the character of "out of the silt and out of the silt, and out of the silt and out of the water" is created. Only lotus, fleur, fleur, handan and other names as well as the elegant name of "the gentleman in the flower of yao pond" make people love and fear.

I still remember clearly that the scene of picking lotus leaves as cool hats and lotus seeds as snacks, although life is poor, the spirit is inexplicable and abundant. The lotus pond is dotted with the beauty of the hometown, adding to the spirit of the hometown. Moreover, even in autumn and winter, the remaining lotus becomes a symbol of a thousand and odd things. Although I had no choice but to leave her, leaving for decades, but that quiet blue water, a pond of pure and beautiful lotus, often in my dream sentimentally attached.
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