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2018/03/14 13:00:20 プライベート♪
Selective memory
A lot of people have a bad memory, or it's easy to forget what they said. It is easy to forget, even if it hurts others. However, you will remember your good words to others and always remember your compliments. I just kind of figure out, is this a bad memory, or is it a selective amnesia? Or is it?

A lot of times, a lot of people will just blurt out and say it casually, whether it hurts someone or not. I come into contact with many of these people, and this kind of person, have one thing in common, is that they're in the face of the people, or they can be applied to the leadership of the will be very careful to speak, and it is have feelings, and it is very HuiLaiShi; However, once it is to the subordinates, or the people who are not as good as them, it is easy to hurt others' words, regardless of other people's feelings. In the words of the people, is to see people food dish, in their view, those people, they don't use, also can not be used, and these people also is not, as they too far worse than they. From this point, you can see what kind of people these people are and what they do. To say that they are small people, this is a tolerant way of saying that they are a group of untrained hooligans, which is more appropriate and objective, because that is what they are.

Once there was a friend who was so unsociable that he was hurt by many people's words, especially those who had been in the office. Of course, he couldn't have been hurt by a particularly senior officer because he couldn't reach him. Later, he became rich because of his ability, and opened the company. At this time, there are many people who hurt him, close to the past. And he was a man who had a grudge against him, and he sent it back to him with these people. But those who had hurt him still had the nerve to approach him. When he questioned, some were innocent, and said to him, I have never said such a thing; If I had said it, I would have remembered it. And others, it is will say, I forgot, the most special is that some people a face very rightly said, is to promote the development of you, see you have the ability to make a fortune, but you don't know, so I will inspire you, you should thank me.

At this time, friends are really not able to speak to these people. Because of his efforts, it was the people who hurt him. However, there was no way to be impressed by these people's thick skin. And he finally began to wonder if it was really good for him to do what they were doing, and whether it was really good for him or not. In fact, he also knew that these people's skills, is the work of the mouth, is also a number of people who are not enough to fail.

His attitude towards these people has never been better. However, these people are still surrounded by his side, still no change. These people are still very good at talking, or they will tell some people nothing, and they still don't remember the lesson. Some of my friends were crying. Have ever complained, to me, this is the impudence of the Chinese people? Do you forget what you said? Isn't there any shame at all? I didn't know what to say.

In fact, these people do not have to put the "cultural revolution" on the line, and treat everything that happens. A lot of times, they just want to talk, and it's very likely that they will hurt someone. But if they really want to see what they're capable of, they probably don't have any skills at all. And it's not bad. If someone is lying with their eyes open and being questioned by others, they will never admit it. And those who lie, they can't remember what they said?
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2018/03/05 10:57:09 プライベート♪
A light shadow of endless aftertaste.
As the change of The Times, people of lights out the way to go to bed every day, has long been replaced by the flowers of entertainment and leisure activities, the pace of the intelligent information technology rapid development take is time, not just take away more slowly enjoy the process very laid-back and relaxed. Nowadays, people can accept the big world of the cinema screen and the ipad, but it is difficult to see the stage of the outdoor opera together. But the good memories are always so, often after the trouble sing read do play all don't pull the shadow puppet theater always inadvertently will emerge in your mind Sage 300, printed in my mind and when night came, wait before the opening, neighbors and willfully greetings greetings, family issues, as well as the children open a crack on pairs of peer shadow play the background of big eyes. And eighties of the last century, such a scene will always appear in the cinema square holidays important day and night, even inadvertently can or corners in the streets of a bump into shadow puppet theater stage and concentration.

Shadow play, also known as "shadow play" or "shadow play", is a folk drama with a character silhouette made of animal skin or cardboard. And I, more like to call it the donkey shadow puppet show (think of the skin of the donkey every time still feel the cruel taste), because first know the shadow puppet in the shadow play is the top half of the donkey the most special piece of leather to do master of social science. There is a shadow play props in the home, is one of the props around the neighborhood in tangshan shadow play troupe do son, often in hand will sigh, how can the filmmaker alive like this: a wink, torso, arms and legs, hands and feet, clothing, headwear, a thread to wear, each joint mobility, especially red and green color, has the tangshan shadow play unique taste.

Shadow play performances, the artists after the white curtain, surrounded by WeiDang good, see the shadow play, you can only see video on screen and colourful stories in deductive, therefore, listen to look at the scene joys and sorrows, or coker, often to fathom how silver shadow behind the edge of the performances, sometimes I will run away to the tent of meeting, from the joint seam pull open, to see artists choked voice (early years is no girls sing shadow, boys are choked throat singing girl) operas roaring at filmmaker and performing artists hands hk serviced apartment. Now think about also feel mysterious, shadow play shadow behind the scenes, artist stood with two small stick operation of puppets, filmmaker is close to in the tent of meeting, all see is reverse to the audience, who sing read you do, there are four strings, dulcimer, erhu, gongs, cymbals, small drum, drum, French curve, suona, etc., as are many. It is a theater of all kinds, which can be easily disassembled and highly mobile, where there is demand. Shadow play often drums cymbals son played three times after TongEr is founding, especially in the countryside, as long as heard for the first time TongEr, will know detail today to play in a shadow, and the shadow puppet theater TongEr can spread very far in the four eight zhuang, the second time TongEr, hear people would put down his work, take off the bench, busily to watch video, third time is the founding official performing (in details about the details of the countryside play shadow play, the old leadership Song Jinling recall and describe what is moving). The streets and alleyways are the most basic way of life for the shadow puppet show. It is hard to know how to play the game, but it can be brought to the masses with endless laughter and the culture of amateur life.

Nowadays, young people have little interest in shadow play, and shadow play gradually loses its market. Perhaps it is only in the market of mountain village or in the temple fair. Think about, really miss the shadow play that can be seen in the past three times, because the moviegoers are familiar, the taste of the villagers is thick. However, in addition to the shadow play and shadow play lovers in another form the continuation of the shadow play, that's "puppet" was framed, become the art on the wall into the national wind of hotels, restaurants and family homes, this also can yet be regarded as a kind of ancient heritage. In fact, the exquisite workmanship of "shadow puppets" is a beautiful handicraft, which can be presented to friends and relatives as a good hometown gift. That year, Korean daughter gave his family moved to Beijing her deskmate souvenirs, is to find and framed in person from tangshan shadow play troupe tangshan shadow play, colorful, look in your picture frame clever filmmaker, is filled with the friendship of deskmate, classmates, and of the person also is very love. Deduction of shadow play story, more "tangshan Boyle" this shadow-puppet-inspired dance, not only in the form of will was once active in the traditional wedding, be entertain, and dancing to the CCTV Spring Festival gala stage in 2006, dancing in tangshan shadow play, conquered the hearts of millions of viewers "qiao" the setting sun, is the tangshan shadow play another life.

Looking for the shadow of tangshan shadow, always flashback to the scene of the scene. And in the fast paced society, who would be the one who has the patience to wait? Is it true that the shadow of tangshan will fade away with the passing of time? Know a phone, still exist and stick to the tangshan shadow play troupe, although there is no past performances, their business, often have the people demand, such as home old man ShouDan, etc., the troupe's will should go, home festival at the same time, the figure were neighbors also. Also, people who love shadow puppets can download songs from the Internet and watch them at home, but there is no outdoor theater for the fun.

According to the information, in China, shadow play is very popular and is a traditional Chinese folk art, and it is a variety of shadow plays due to the different sound cavity. In hebei, henan, shanxi, shaanxi, gansu and other rural areas, the humble han folk art form is popular.

The shadow of the shadow of tangshan in hebei province, known as ji dong shadow, originated in the wanli period of the Ming dynasty (1573-1620), which is a folk art with a long history and a long history. According to historical records, it originated from luanzhou, hebei province, which was invented by local entertainer huang suzhi and was popular in the music pavilion. Therefore, it is known as "luanzhou shadow" and "music pavilion shadow". Because its film person, prop is to use donkey skin to carve and colorize and make, it is also known as "donkey shadow", "shadow". The shadow play between the qing dynasty and the republic of China was in line with the present shadow puppet show, which is a kind of artistic performance that the local people are delighted to see. In 1966, leting county was also named by the ministry of culture as "the hometown of Chinese folk art". The tangshan shadow puppet troupe, founded in 1943, is the experimental film club of tangshan district, which was formed by the merger of anti-japanese film society, Great Wall shadow club and luandong popular film club, which was led by jidong military district. In the long-term artistic practice, the troupe has made outstanding contributions to the development of shadow play art by creating fairy tale scenes, innovative props and rich operating performances.

According to the historical records, the shadow play began in the warring states period, and it was celebrated in the han dynasty and the song dynasty. It was spread to western Asia and Europe during the yuan dynasty, which has a long history and a long history. In 2011, Chinese shadow puppet show was selected as the representative list of intangible cultural heritage.

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2018/03/05 10:34:55 プライベート♪
I like being with you because you have positive energy
I like being with you not only because you have positive energy, but also because you can let me release positive energy. Positive energy represents a mood of sunshine. Like a magnetic field, giving the other person's mind a powerful attraction.

We all have this experience: chat with some people, cheerful, wanting more, it is cloudy, the in the mind is filled with the sun, make you radiant, confident, feel the goodness of humanity and society; Chat with some people, will be each other's dozens of "depressed" become depressed. Because they talk about life from work, from friends to family, from the past to the present to the future, when it comes to online or social phenomena, there is no reason to be depressed. Even though it was a sunny day, and the sun was shining brightly, there would be clouds gathering in the sky, and the city was bursting with clouds. It makes you feel sinister, and you have no expectations for the future. This is the division of positive and negative energies.

Everyone has energy. Optimistic, positive, positive people, full of enthusiasm, hope and faith. Such people have a positive energy field, and when they communicate with them, they make us feel happy, up and trusting. You feel safe, relaxed and happy with him, making you feel the meaning of life and the fun of life. You want to spend more time with him. And the mood is changeful, easily pessimistic, afraid, like to gossip, complain, see what all the person with unfavorable eye, have negative energy. You feel insecure, nervous and defensive when you're with him. You feel sucked, squeezed and humbled. Your energy is weak, you feel uncomfortable, you are being criticized, challenged and attacked, and you want to end the conversation quickly and want to run away from him.

A person's life is a process that consumes energy, must be controlled artificially. If you can't consciously save positive energy, you will only weaken your field until it is exhausted.

For example, when you're listening to a friend or family member say something negative that someone has said or done, they are gossiping and releasing negative energy. You're also releasing negative energy when you listen to what they say. Because you are a sentient being, and when you hear negative things, your emotions are bound to get low, unless you are mentally strong and not affected at all. Also, when you think of the sad news of sad tears, and the thought of some things and people hurt you, let you produce disgust, see not fair thing angry, feel very fear, when facing difficulties, being criticized by people feel wronged accused depressed. These emotions are also your own negative energy.

If you realize that your positive energy is not strong enough to withstand negative energy, learn to stay away from negative energy. Just like if the psychologist's own psychological literacy is not strong enough, it is easy to be affected by some mental disorders of the patient. To be able to release positive energy sustainably, you need to be with someone who has positive energy, to absorb positive energy, to release positive energy, to breathe in and out, and life is new.

A person's energy is limited, the intensity of different people's energy field is different, but people with the same dream, energy is able to meet each other. With the people full of positive energy, it is the blessing of my life. I will cherish it and pass on my gratitude for life and love of life.
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