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2018/01/25 17:33:16 プライベート♪
Walking in the rain
Just after the hot summer and rainy autumn rain has been falling for several days, brought the chill of autumn, so slowly washed the sky quietly, wash away the fallen leaves, President of patches of yellow leaves on the ground draw colorful special carpet Electronic Bidet, give a person with another amorous feelings.
On such a rainy day, the air is filled with the humid air, walking alone into the misty rain, enjoying the unique leisurely and happy. Every time into the rain, the in the mind will rise up a strange kind, a familiar smell of rain will quietly in the heart, that is my special love for a long time the rain, in the drizzle, I was never the umbrellas. I do not like to use an umbrella by nature, when in the army, the head said, the soldier is not afraid of death, afraid of the rain? After that, I never take an umbrella with me, even if it is raining service apartments, I will be wet, because I like to be soaked by the rain; Besides, the umbrella will cut off the beautiful sight, and the close contact with rain will make people's eyes become short and shallow.
Ren rain naughty to wet face and hair, lift up your face, even meet her baptism and caress, leisurely hand and catch these lovely elf, enjoy the fresh, itch SuSuDe feeling, the occasional few rain broke into his mouth, unexpectedly feel there is a sweet taste, your feeling is very beautiful. Walk in the street of this drizzle Direct Subsidy School, inhale the pure air deeply, the mood also is like the cool and refreshing after bath.
People around him in a hurry, and I quickly to enjoy the special gifts of nature, such as butterfly want to stay in the beautiful garden, alone with the mind and the ethereal world dialogue, himself and nature completely fuses in together, and forgot myself is in alarm voice rang voice rang in the streets.
In these days, it's still drizzling and drizzling, it's so cool! The driver was taking me to work every day, and recently I started walking alone, exercising, and repairing my broken heart in the rain. Walking in the street, the raindrops are playing, and with my easy steps, like a wonderful piece of music flowing in the air, I feel that every drop of rain is so sentimental.
In the lingering smell of the warmth from the home, the heart unexpectedly like the flowers blossoming a charming smile. Although only fragments, but enough to warm my whole world, all say but woe "autumn rain man", but I am feeling in such rain a friendship like water, a simple greeting, I have drunk in the gentle wind, worried about a little warmth, I revel in it as a poem as a magic world.
This is a let a person daydream space and time, commuters are walking in the drizzle, let the rain infiltration it'd by the injured heart, I wash my face sad face, wash away my secular and prejudice soft dust, let my heart and body becomes more pure. It's a wet wet season. I hope it's not my dream.
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2018/01/25 16:58:23 プライベート♪
A plum blossom lock
The moment he opened the drawer, liu's blood rushed to his head, and he was shocked to see that he suddenly understood his father.
To be honest, if it wasn't for the father's sudden death, the gulf between them would never have been so easily resolved. In the words of liu hao, he and his father were like an invisible lock in the years, but the key was deliberately discarded by his father, and where is the cruel father?
When it comes to liu hao's resentment of his father, it goes back as far as he can remember, since his father was very strict with him.
After graduating from university, liu hao was assigned to work in a public institution in the city. According to the custom of the rural hometown, his parents would give him the same precious gift before he went to work.
At that time, liu hao's father was serving as the party secretary of the local party committee. He was busy working until the night before he left home.
Actually before father came back, Liu Haoceng hypothetical live for a variety of scenarios, such as father kindly hold his hand and gave him as a gift, a motorcycle key, or other suitable for young people who have just started work to use.
However, liu hao was very disappointed in his father, who only gave him a lock. It was a fine little lock, with a red plum blossom on the front of the lock. Father said that he bought two, he left one, another gave his son, let him cherish.
Liu hao remembered that the next morning he was crying and leaving his home. He was holding the plum blossom lock, as if he were holding a bleeding heart.
Work, watching and his colleagues to work together someone riding a parents bought a new motorcycle, someone riding a new bike, one went out for a ride to the weekend, and he can only stay in the dormitory, tears gush.
Father have a desk in the home, that is to say, father, whether at home or in the village, even if the weekend is a working state, which makes it difficult to understand, for example, liu hao, village head and so many deputy, he as to forget all about eating and sleeping so?
Harder to understand, for example, liu hao, father's desk drawer, has been on a lock, a send, for example, liu hao and identical plum blossom lock, but it took years for include, for example, liu hao married never see father opened the drawer.
Liu hao had secretly asked his mother if the money was hidden in the father's drawer, and his mother said he should not, otherwise he would not borrow money from relatives.
Not only cold, but also stingy. This is liu hao's uation of his father, in fact, the father let liu hao hold a lot of resentment. Like a father to the city on a business trip, by the way to the office, for example, liu hao took a look, then Kenneth lau when the section chief, see, for example, liu hao desk unlocked, just ask him that where have locked the plum blossom. Liu hao said he threw it, and the lock did not match his luxurious desk.
"Throw it away? Suddenly the father was furious and said to him, "do you know what the lock stands for? Why don't you understand my mind when you've been to college?"
"Mind? Are you still qualified to talk to me?" Liu hao had his first encounter with his father, and he remembered the loss of his father's face as he walked away. He was so ugly that he had never seen the on his father's face.
In the evening, when, for example, liu hao still in ponder and the of father's day, a deputy secretary of the township, phoned to tell, for example, liu hao, his father in a serious car accident on the way back, let him come back quickly...
After finishing his father's work, liu hao asked his mother for the key to his father's drawer, and his mother said that he had been thrown by his father. Liu hao found a tool to open the drawer, but the scene in front of him shocked him, except for a piece of paper in the drawer, not a penny. Liu hao picked up the paper, with a heart on it, a ghost in the heart, the ghost wrote "sin".
At that moment, liu hao suddenly thought of the lock that his father had given him, and realized why his father was furious with him at the office that day.
Are original, father suggesting that he is, everyone lived in the heart of ghost, ghost name is "evil", don't put it out, let out would harm society, endanger the people, a man from now on will be to fall. And the red plum blossom, does not symbolize the rule of law and justice? So, his father gave him a plum blossom lock, let him like defying cold plum proud snow, have a heart of justice, to serve the people heart and soul, lifetime all want to live in the heart of the lock up.
Unexpectedly, the plum flower lock unexpectedly represents the father so deep thought!
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2018/01/12 11:43:58 プライベート♪
Golden lotus flower on luanhe river
The luanhe river water of hada, a cup of milk and gratitude for the love of the world, with a spring breeze to pour out the grassland feeling, I am the luanhe river source of the golden lotus flower.
You are like a snowflake, falling jade, window and window, a smiling face, welcome the fair lady. You are like a drop of water, swaying, crystal clear, dripping in the parents heart Sage 300 support, showing the hope of brilliance.
You are like a boat on the luanhe river, floating in the stream. Your delicate body, the starting line of life is set into the sea, the baptism of the waves.
How many days and nights, the mother's tears drench the skirt, father has you in the heart, your young heart, buried the unyielding spirit.
How many years and months, when you are wandering in the paths of life, fate is driving you to rearrange, you resolutely stand up in the thorns, the song of life into the sound of music.
Congenital cerebral palsy - lets you chew the pain of the world. The exam failed, but the interview just let you break the hope of youth. Sickness, natural disaster, poverty, the death of children, the bitterness of work, the pain of surgery, you silently accept the arrival of bad luck in the low room MD Senses.
You have a firm belief, like the luanhe source of the golden lotus, is so gorgeous, so romantic and heroic. You look up at the sky, the clouds as a ladder, by the holy clippers, forget the mind and body, struggle again and again on the way towards the sunshine, time and patience, time and time again of experience, mainly to never said a word.
Yes, maybe it is the dark oil lamp, maybe the winding path, which opens your heart to happiness, and you can cultivate your own world.
Yes, maybe it is the tears of the parents, the true love of the husband, the courage of your husband, the good people around you, the great love of society, the constant challenge to your destiny. Do not bow, do not surrender, do not regret, never say die.
You hone your will in pain. You say: "the moon is like silver plate/hanging on the horizon/want to climb the ladder... / around the moon/with love... "
You look forward to the future with hope. You say: "distant dream/clear mood/deep inside love".
You fly dream in the green field, you watch the butterflies fluttering among the flowers, you express your feelings in the cross stitch. You realize the true meaning of life HIFU 瘦身.
You go into the ocean of literature, pen like plowshare, and create a beautiful poem. Your verse is a cup of strong coffee, is a beautiful scenery, wandering in the fragrance of the spiritual world, let people linger on, the aftertaste is boundless, passionate.
I love snow in winter, it is a pure picture. I love the wintersweet plum, love its pride and snow, never flinching and tenacious perseverance.
"The corner is a few plum, ling cold alone open. Distant knowledge is not snow, for the fragrance to come."
The poet liu dongmei, you are the wintersweet plum, decorated in the nature of the embrace, turn love into a meter of sunlight, in the coldest moment, bloom in the indifferent world......
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