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2017/12/21 18:27:06 プライベート♪
he American health care guide website
As the age increases, the bone mass and bone strength of the elderly will gradually decrease. In the first six years after menopause, women's bone mass decreased by as much as 5 percent. They lose up to 20 percent of their bone density in 10 years. The effects of decreased bone density include osteoporosis, bone fractures, and easy falls. The good news is that older people can take some measures to strengthen bone strength Dream beauty pro

The American health care guide website recently concluded seven ways to help increase bone density in older people Dream beauty pro.

In the sun. Vitamin D is essential for improving bone health. It can improve the absorption of calcium, increase bone density and improve muscle function. The national institutes of health recommends that the elderly take 600 international units of vitamin D daily, which is difficult to achieve on a single basis. Fortunately, a 15-minute exposure to the sun gives the body enough vitamin D.

Jumping. Everyone jumps up and down in childhood, which is good for bone health. Published in the American journal of health promotion, according to a study of women aged 25 to 50 jump 2 times a day, each jump 10 to 20, adhere to the four months later, their hip BMD have improved significantly. This is because the bones react to stress and become dense and strong. It is important to note that women who already have osteoporosis are not suitable for jumping exercise because their bones are too fragile and prone to fracture.

The load. Andrea, the head of the clinical division of the American osteoporosis foundation. Dr Singh said elderly counter weight training (such as walking, jumping aerobics, dance, run, jump rope) and strength training (such as with elastic belt, lift the lighter weights or doing yoga) can play an important role to increase bone density Dream beauty pro hard sell

Have some beer. Moderate drinking (no more than one cup a day for women, and no more than 2 cups for men) has a higher bone density than those who don't. To enhance bone density, beer is the best option because it contains a dietary source of silicon, a nutrient that is critical to bone health.

Eat plum. Nutrition research has found that drinking li zigan is not only good for digestion, but also for bone health. A study published in the journal of the international osteoporosis journal found that six months of post-menopausal women with li zig helped prevent osteoporosis. Li zigan is rich in magnesium, potassium, vitamin K and boron, all of which are needed for bone health. It's enough to eat five li zi a day.

Get enough sleep. Published in the journal of the American geriatrics society, according to a study sleep less than six hours a night of older people suffer from osteoporosis is higher than the risk of sleep time long peers. This is because inadequate rest reduces the ability of the bones to repair themselves during sleep. Lack of sleep disrupts circadian rhythm, which in turn affects bone metabolism Dream beauty pro hard sell


Eat more leafy greens. Leafy greens (including cauliflower, spinach, and cabbages) are a good source of calcium, and they are also rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin K. A study published in the journal of bone and mineral research showed that people with fewer fruits and vegetables were 88 percent more likely to have a hip fracture than those who ate more fruits and vegetables. In addition, the elderly should limit the consumption of refined grains. Researchers at tufts university in the United States found that sulfur-containing compounds in grains can lead to osteoporosis.

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2017/11/17 14:41:08 プライベート♪
The differences in hormone production

Women have certain female-specific hormones, for example, estrogen not only inhibits high blood pressure, but also plays a role in lowering cholesterol levels. So women are less likely to have cardiovascular disease than men. In addition, adiponectin secreted from fat cells can also promote blood circulation and prevent high blood pressure, as well as repair fragile blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis.

The difference in psychological quality

Although the ability of psychological quality is different from person to person, it is common for women to have high communication skills and can communicate with people around them well when they have difficulty and pressure. Men, on the other hand, are prone to loneliness and worry and stress. Stress is the source of the disease, so living a healthy life is an important condition for longevity.

Differences in living habits

Compared with women, men are more engaged in work, and because they are more athletic than women, there are more accidents. In addition, men who smoke and drink a large proportion of those who drink and drink, the difference in lifestyle habits can also be found in the difference in life expectancy.

The secret of longevity is to be mindful of your daily life

Presumably some male friends may be feeling a little depressed when they see that they have so many disadvantages compared to women. The daily media said the frustration was not necessary. Life is still related to personal habits. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the daily life and the possibility of prolonged life. If a friend recently feel life rhythm is disorder, not to take this opportunity to review your life, to improve the schedule and daily habits, do regular self-discipline life!!!!

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2017/08/11 18:25:19 プライベート♪
Health insurance startup Alan adds life insurance

French startup Alan launched a brand new full-stack health insurance last year. This week, the company is launching corporate-owned life insurance so that it can become a one-stop shop for all your corporate insurance needs.

When Alan launched its health insurance product, it was the first new one in France in decades. The life insurance market has remained stagnant for years as well.

This time, Alan didn’t get its own license to launch a life insurance. Instead, the company is relying on its main investor’s license, CNP Assurances. But clients are going to love the fact that they’ll only have to deal with one insurance company for both their health plans and life insurance plans.

Compared to most competitors, Alan doesn’t lock you into a long-term contract. When you sign up, the company tells you what you’re going to pay and you know for sure that it’s going to remain the same for at least a year. But if you want to switch to a new provider, Alan isn’t going to stop you.

The monthly price of Alan’s life insurance depends on the salary. But you can expect to pay €17 for a €2,000 gross salary, €26 for €3,000, €39 for €4,000, etc. Then your employees are going to be covered if they have a major accident at work. Alan is going to take care of their families if they die.

According to Alan CEO Jean­-Charles Samuelian, the company didn’t expect that there would be a lot of demand for this product. But it turns out that most of their clients want to simplify their insurance contracts by centralizing everything with one insurance company.

Alan operates as a modern web service for this product too. You can send documents using your smartphone and pay online. Employees get their own dashboard. Alan automates all the paperwork for your accountants and sends data directly to your payroll provider.

Once again, it sounds basic but many insurance companies fail to provide this level of user experience. And it’s a huge business opportunity as health insurance alone represents $40 billion (€35 billion) while life insurance is a $17 billion market (€15 million).

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