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2018/01/12 11:43:58 プライベート♪
Golden lotus flower on luanhe river
The luanhe river water of hada, a cup of milk and gratitude for the love of the world, with a spring breeze to pour out the grassland feeling, I am the luanhe river source of the golden lotus flower.
You are like a snowflake, falling jade, window and window, a smiling face, welcome the fair lady. You are like a drop of water, swaying, crystal clear, dripping in the parents heart Sage 300 support, showing the hope of brilliance.
You are like a boat on the luanhe river, floating in the stream. Your delicate body, the starting line of life is set into the sea, the baptism of the waves.
How many days and nights, the mother's tears drench the skirt, father has you in the heart, your young heart, buried the unyielding spirit.
How many years and months, when you are wandering in the paths of life, fate is driving you to rearrange, you resolutely stand up in the thorns, the song of life into the sound of music.
Congenital cerebral palsy - lets you chew the pain of the world. The exam failed, but the interview just let you break the hope of youth. Sickness, natural disaster, poverty, the death of children, the bitterness of work, the pain of surgery, you silently accept the arrival of bad luck in the low room MD Senses.
You have a firm belief, like the luanhe source of the golden lotus, is so gorgeous, so romantic and heroic. You look up at the sky, the clouds as a ladder, by the holy clippers, forget the mind and body, struggle again and again on the way towards the sunshine, time and patience, time and time again of experience, mainly to never said a word.
Yes, maybe it is the dark oil lamp, maybe the winding path, which opens your heart to happiness, and you can cultivate your own world.
Yes, maybe it is the tears of the parents, the true love of the husband, the courage of your husband, the good people around you, the great love of society, the constant challenge to your destiny. Do not bow, do not surrender, do not regret, never say die.
You hone your will in pain. You say: "the moon is like silver plate/hanging on the horizon/want to climb the ladder... / around the moon/with love... "
You look forward to the future with hope. You say: "distant dream/clear mood/deep inside love".
You fly dream in the green field, you watch the butterflies fluttering among the flowers, you express your feelings in the cross stitch. You realize the true meaning of life HIFU 瘦身.
You go into the ocean of literature, pen like plowshare, and create a beautiful poem. Your verse is a cup of strong coffee, is a beautiful scenery, wandering in the fragrance of the spiritual world, let people linger on, the aftertaste is boundless, passionate.
I love snow in winter, it is a pure picture. I love the wintersweet plum, love its pride and snow, never flinching and tenacious perseverance.
"The corner is a few plum, ling cold alone open. Distant knowledge is not snow, for the fragrance to come."
The poet liu dongmei, you are the wintersweet plum, decorated in the nature of the embrace, turn love into a meter of sunlight, in the coldest moment, bloom in the indifferent world......
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2018/01/12 11:36:07 プライベート♪
NingWu vicissitudes of life
NingWu Yu Ningde finally wuyi mountain highway, 301 kilometers, across keso, across the mountains, the village, wilderness, takahashi, tunnel with frequency, all the way only messengers to hundred kilometers of politics and segment length of tunnel more than 40. When there is a cloudy sky, mist and mist, the visibility becomes extremely low, the vehicle also has to slow.
World road mountain river insurance! Once, it was a dead end.
When I was a child, my adults often told me that you were picked up from shangfu mountain. Fujian is the "fujian province", among which "jian, yan, shao and ting" are the four prefectures. "shangfu mountain" is the common name of the people in the area of the northern fujian province. Shangfu mountain range of mountains, mountains and dense forest, old time tiger leopard snake. Hours often listen to the old man, so-and-so had a child, at home is the tiger away at the age of a few greetings, visible on the mansion was the paradise of the south China tiger mountain belt, at least in the years of the republic of China still has the tiger infested.
Ningwu highway from fu 'an to zhou ning, zheng he, more than 40 tunnels, a tunnel is a high mountain! Not to mention there are many viaducts, a bridge is a valley. All the way to the mountains and forests, the huge trees, and the beast, there is no safe road to reach. On the good harvest, period of peace, peaceful country and safe people house old people HongDou children is the mountain wilderness, is the children heard about the mystery of the community, from the old man's mouth is out to make a living for a men of difficulties of satiety.
The journey is difficult! There's no way out.
Mindong rivers crisscross, branchingstream, rich aquatic resources, is the home of large yellow croaker, also feed the people of a particular ethnic group - huangshao, commonly known as the "shoe", for fishing industry, fuzhou dialect speakers in mindong, social status is lower than of the old "ChangYou LiZu". It is said that ancient times, the sky dropped the broom, in the ground for the han, in the water for the danes. Huangshao people thought was destroyed by the emperor of fujian fujian indigenous descent or lose the field, academic circles think huangshao democracy originated from ancient hundreds more, and the article homologous, is the person of adherents in water. There are many unique customs of danmin. Apart from the aquatic products and rice vegetables caught in the trade, there is hardly any relationship with the han people on the shore, nor will they go ashore to accept education. The children were married to each other, and their parents bought a fishing boat, which was the new home. Fishing boats have ponies, cooking at the stern, toilet, cabin, sleeping, prow, fishing. Tie a piece of cloth to the waist of the child to ensure that it will not fall into the water, and the whole life will be like this, playing, growing, working, becoming a family and ending old. When I was a child, there were a lot of fishing boats in the port of my house, and the hoofs of the coming and going. I used to buy fresh oysters and yellow croakers with my parents and my parents.
In the northwest, there are mountains, and another ethnic group, she people, lives on the mountain. Memory of the article, like to wear black with white linen, women long hair line, in a similar miao silver is acted the role of fixed, at the feast the systemic silver, singing and dancing, men and women folk song an answer, love each other. The mountains to the west are the "shangfu mountain". In the time of famine and destitution, some people on the shore will also fish in the sea. The other part of the mountain, to the relatively broad people, the forest resources rich shangfu mountain to make a living, some of them have taken root here, similar to "go to the east".
Countries have found here in the 1960 s large timber forest shade, labor is scarce, pull a train from shandong caoxian county area more than 500 good guys to shaowu when loggers, there are still many live near shaowu lumber storage yard and also are grown! When I was a child, the old man who came back from fu shan said that when they were young, they would come in groups and use the rickshaw to go to shangfu mountain to sell the wood. One or two large lumber, the slope of the slope to help each other pull, meet the beast together to resist the resistance, the thousands of bitter pull back, change a little blood money, only for the family old and small can eat a mouthful of rice. Because apart from this camp, there is no living. In the time of hardship, shangfu mountain road is like a trickle, nourishing the hungry people.
Castle peak old road in, now, this is a sweet road!
After graduation, I worked for shao wu, but I didn't realize that I was also a member of shangfu mountain for a living, just like our ancestors, who have been here for more than ten years. How many times "the morning starts the sign", how many times "the guest walk sad homeland"! Every time I leave home, I worry about my elderly parents, and then I will never again. Every time I leave home, I always have an endless love for my wife and children, and then I will tell you, I want to see the "endless rain of rain"! However, before the heavy topic of making a living, all small feelings are just as light as the wind. Fortunately, there will always be a happy reunion! Every time I go home, my heart is as light as a bird!
It is refreshing to look out of the window at the mountain valley, the village of linhai, or some of danxia's peaks and stones. Perhaps the journey of life is an endless road! The longer the road, the longer the heart, the less the matter of convergence. Home is where the heart is; If the heart is wandering, everywhere! The road, which was in the valley of the mountains, was a great way for the workers who built it, and now it is a sweet road to my eager home.
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