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2018/11/12 17:45:31 プライベート♪
Cloud computing will soon be helping to drive cars

Cloud computing solutions are being adopted by businesses at a rapid pace. The concept is also be expanded to cars, with companies like Volkswagen investing heavily in the technology. Cloud services will help to form an automotive Internet of Things.

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Cloud computing for cars is a means of delivering and collecting information; it also forms part of autonomous vehicle technology. By using the cloud, cars can communicate with each other to avoid accidents or download up-to-date maps and traffic information. In addition, smart vehicles will be able to automatically plot the best and quickest route to a destination. Manufacturers will also be able to use cloud computing to drive product innovation, from the development of a car to end of life for the vehicle.

Other innovations include:

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Reviewing data patterns to support accurate diagnostics. Such information can be drawn from thousands of other cars carrying similar technology. After analysis, solutions can be provided to on-board car computers.

The provision of safety data, such as self-reporting of breakdown and accidents.

Automatic scheduling of proactive maintenance, signalling when service and maintenance is required.

pulling together reports focused on performance enhancements in relation to individual driving habits, location, and altitude.

Business / Enterprise Smart CLOUD solutions, built on a reliable Cloud Service, enable companies substantially reduce costs and increase flexibility.

As an example of cloud applications with vehicle technology, Volkswagen is working on a cloud for its "Connected Cars".
These advanced vehicles, according to Smart2Zero, will operate with software provided by Microsoft Azure. The platform, which was developed in partnership with Microsoft, will be called the "Volkswagen Automotive Cloud".

The cloud will be a large industrial cloud, taking on all of Volkswagen’s future digital services and mobility innovations. In terms of the impact on its vehicles, the German company aims to have a fully networked vehicle fleet under the branding of the "Volkswagen We" digital ecosystem.

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Within this model, from 2020 the intention is to have 5 million new connected vehicles coming onto the market each year, with each one forming part of an automotive Internet of Things. This will include various customer services and solutions, telematics, and mechanisms for secure data exchanges between vehicle and cloud for data analysis purposes.


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Westpac's $500m investment in the cloud

Why healthcare data may be more secure with cloud computing

How to make sure your cloud is secure

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2018/10/30 13:12:40 プライベート♪
The public service loan forgiveness fix isn
Congress authorized a $350 million fund to help fix a popular, but troubled student loan forgiveness program earlier this year.
However, the remedy isn't going too well.
Nearly 90 percent of applicants for the so-called temporary expanded public service loan forgiveness program have been denied, according to a letter from the Education Department to Sen. Tim Kaine, provided to CNBC.

When Congress authorized a $350 million fund to help fix a popular but troubled student loan forgiveness program earlier this year, Michael Sonn was excited. Finally, he thought, he might be debt-free.

However, the remedy isn't going too well.

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Nearly 90 percent of applicants who applied for the so-called temporary expanded public service loan forgiveness program have been denied, according to a letter from the Education Department sent to Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., in response to an inquiry from the senator about how the program was working. Kaine's office provided the letter to CNBC.

Sonn is one of the many public servants denied for the original program — and now denied again from the fund created to help fix the original program.

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After more than a decade of student loan payments, Sonn had learned he didn't qualify for public service loan forgiveness because he was enrolled in the wrong repayment plan. He's far from alone — 99 percent of the program's applicants have been rejected, recent Education Department data show.

public service loan forgiveness allows certain not-for-profit and government employees to have their federal student loans canceled after 10 years of on-time payments.

But most people, like Sonn, are rejected because they don't fulfill one of the requirements. Consumer advocates say that student loan servicers have failed to guide borrowers to the consumer protection.

These are the public service loan forgiveness requirements. Often, if you don't meet one of them, you can make changes so that you do.

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Your must have federal direct loans.
Your employer must be a government organization at any level, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization or some other type of not-for-profit organization that provides public service.
By the end, you need to have made 120 qualifying, on-time payments in an income-driven repayment plan or the standard repayment plan.
Congress' fix to the program earlier this year addressed people who had been denied the loan forgiveness simply because they had been repaying their debt in a disqualifying plan. Those people were offered a second chance at having their debt canceled.

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That's why Sonn was hopeful, and quickly reapplied. However, he was told he still wasn't eligible because he hasn't made enough payments. "That doesn't make sense," said Sonn, who works for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. "I've been paying for 12 years now."

But then he learned that, even though he graduated in 2006 and has spent his entire career in public service, he had consolidated his loans in 2012 — and that reset the clock on his loan forgiveness.

That means the soonest he will be eligible for loan forgiveness is in 2022.

By then, he said his student loan servicer told him, Congress' fund will likely be depleted. "It feels like the hoops were put in place to not pay out in the end," Sonn said.

It's the responsibility of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to implement Congress' fund to fix some of the flaws of the public service loan forgiveness program, said Kaine.

"I hope the Trump Administration will turn things around by creating a simple process that gives fair consideration to the teachers, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and other public servants who apply for this debt relief," he said.

The Education Department did not respond to requests for comment.


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2016/10/05 12:30:04 プライベート♪
She was conquered
palpitating in his arms, and in his power.She felt a wanton hand straying over her.She made a last effort, and began to cry: "Help!Help!A vampire! a vampire!"

Nothing came.Djali alone was awake and bleating with anguish.

"Hush!" said the panting priest.

All at once, as she struggled and crawled on the floor, the gypsy's hand came in contact with something cold and metal- lic-it was Quasimodo's whistle.She seized it with a convulsive hope, raised it to her lips and blew with all the strength that she had left.The whistle gave a clear, piercing sound.

"What is that?" said the priest.

Almost at the same instant he felt himself raised by a vigorous arm.The cell was dark; he could not distinguish clearly who it was that held him thus; but he heard teeth chattering with rage, and there was just sufficient light scattered among the gloom to allow him to see above his head the blade of a large knife.

The priest fancied that he perceived the form of Quasimodo. He assumed that it could be no one but he.He remembered to have stumbled, as he entered, over a bundle which was stretched across the door on the outside.But, as the newcomer did not utter a word, he knew not what to think.He flung himself on the arm which held the knife, crying: "Quasimodo!"He forgot, at that moment of distress, that Quasimodo was deaf.

In a twinkling, the priest was overthrown and a leaden knee rested on his breast.

From the angular imprint of that knee he recognized Quasimodo; but what was to be done? how could he make the other recognize him? the darkness rendered the deaf man blind.

He was lost.The young girl, pitiless as an enraged tigress, did not intervene to save him.The knife was approaching his head; the moment was critical.All at once, his adversary seemed stricken with hesitation.

"No blood on her!" he said in a dull voice.

It was, in fact, Quasimodo's voice.
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