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2017/12/05 17:24:39 プライベート♪
Even if you choose wrong, life won
The younger sister who was warm and considerate and decisive in her life, who had a seemingly plain sailing life, faced a great career confusion in high school. At the end of the first term, she said to us, "I'm off school!"
Since childhood, she knows that life has many possibilities. But the star country she reads is filled with the value of "only the first three are schools". Her failure to test the first three times that year made her doubt herself and her learning apartment for rent.
My daughter offered to drop out, and I asked her to give me half a day. My wife and I went for a walk. After a long time, we agreed, but there were two conditions. First, we planned to study and live after school. Second, take a break from school.
Throughout the second term, she was preparing for her future study. After the program is suspended, I will listen to the English classroom at 7:30 every morning, and then I will start the day to study, write, read books, strengthen the ability of the Chinese language, and find the interests of astronomy. A book full of students' wishes was left in the home, and she announced to the world that she would take a break from school and break her own way Sage 300 ERP.
The day before she had to leave the school, she wrote me a letter saying that she had had enough for five months. She was really in a mood, because the high exam was broken, so she couldn't pass the exam. Now it's time to get through, decide high school to finish, the university wants to read design. She chose to go to college after high school.
I am very ordinary, if my child is very good, very good, smooth sailing, I will be like ordinary parents, very happy. But in most cases, your child may be average, academic, or outstanding. I just knew that life was like this.
I read biology, worked as a teacher, give up the opportunity in the American public the PhD returned writing, wrote a novel and prose, film and television, the transformation of life at a time, so no fear wine school. I only know that when the teacher can't satisfy me, I only know that I don't like American scientist life, but what do I like? I am not specific, when I vaguely know this seems to be what I want, I go after.
In such a mood to grow up, when father, will be very careful, do not put out the child's idea easily, do not easily tell the child should do something.
I am not so wise father, I know the future road of children. I just sincerely believe that you can make so many wrong choices in your life, and you won't know which choice is truly "right". And there's no right or wrong choice. Who are you? What kind of life do you want? It's all about the choices you make.
Even if it's wrong, life won't be ruined. My son once asked me, "would you be disappointed if I went to work as a photographer in a wedding dress shop?" I said no, and then said, "if you tell me, I finally understand that I'm going the wrong way, or that there's no road in the movie, and you're going to be a wedding photographer to support yourself. What's wrong with that?" "It doesn't need to go to the United States for so long," he said. I told him that it was a precious, luxurious life in your life, and I was glad that dad could do it for you. Was it not a waste of ten years that I studied biology in my university for four years and worked in medical school for two years? The movies and TV I did later seem to have nothing to do with the experiences, but I do have different things.
Why am I so sure of making choices for kids? Because I have seen clearly that every passage of life has meaning, failure, and taking the wrong way, and finally makes you who you are today.
When children are young, I rarely tell them, "I teach you." Just when he makes a choice, accompany him to see, what kind of person are you? What are the advantages? For what? Find out the right direction from his personality, he will be more confident, and confident people are less likely to make wrong decisions.
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2017/12/05 17:15:21 プライベート♪
Have a big brother and dream big
The sons and daughters are different from the ones I lived in, and they have had many choices since they were young, but the two children have a very different reaction when they are "making choices".
The elder brother is very self, always choose the best, the biggest, the most expensive, always redouble, hesitant. The sister is very firm, without any hesitation, always choose the most simple and appropriate. When they were young, I had a misconception that my brother didn't know what he wanted, and my sister would make a choice. I had been in my sister's twenties and complained to me about the past, and I knew it was a misunderstanding.
Once, the whole family went to Hong Kong to play, the elder brother of the primary school and the younger sister of the kindergarten, the return journey can go to toys r us each pick a toy. The younger sister picked out a small chalkboard where everything was available and less than 100 yuan at the beginning. His brother, from the moment he entered the door, always chose to change, and finally picked up an 800 yuan batman. On the way to the checkout, he saw a limited edition of batman for four thousand yuan, and changed, "I want this one!" His mother finally lost her temper, thinking that he had no opinion and would only choose the most expensive one. When I came forward to say good things for my son, brother and sister were glad to go home with their chosen toys.
After more than twenty years, my sister was still upset about it. She said that she regretted her choice, but we praised her for her firmness and her performance against her brother, so she did not dare change. But she was jealous of her brother, who insisted on it every time, and cried and cried, and finally got what she wanted.
As the daughter said, my son is going to choose the best one and strive for it. From a young age, the girls he likes are the most beautiful in the school. In high school, I also helped him to chase the girl, although did not catch up, he also don't think, at least tried. After graduating from college, he wanted to go abroad for a movie, and he didn't graduate from a film or a related department. He actually filled in the top ten schools of the American film institute. My friend in the film circle laughed at him; I also advise him to choose a school that matches his degree. He said, "dad, it costs so much to study abroad. If I can't read the best, I will get a diploma at home." Later, he was admitted to Columbia University, and his graduation work also won the golden ear award. That's the way he is. He wants the best and tries hard. Other parents might scold him and say that he is overreaching and unrealistic. But why did you interrupt his imagination for the future? Why don't you let him go and try again, if he's willing to take the consequences and be responsible for the choice.
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