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2018/05/21 17:52:04 プライベート♪
The drizzle is light on three mountains
It was an afternoon, before the light rain had fallen, and a group of northern "dry ducks" were excited to get on the island in the thick fog.

Island in taihu lake, named three mountain island, as to whether the "three mountains fall outside the sky, two huge water points" in the chanting, is unclear, anyway as long as it is now tourist attractions, always be far-fetched to many touching legend offshore hong kong company.

When the boat came, the vast expanse of white water was endless, and the sky was connected with the water. Near the shore was a dense, luxuriant reed, and a small fishing boat drew up and startled many unknown waterfowl. The breeze is blowing, each breath is sweet and clear, with a fresh water fishy. The open view is unendurable.

Snaked its way along the path, visitors seldom, carefree in orange wanders in the forest of wild ducks, green grass inclined from vines cross the side of the mask ones, gravel article green walls, broken stone mountain road paved with thatched hut business centre Mong Kok, shaded by bamboo wood smoke curled up... Sanshan island, just like a secluded paradise.

Hurry up and say you're hungry. Walk into a farmhouse restaurant casually, the environment is very good, fresh and clean. The orange and loquat trees in the yard have been turned out, and half a green and half yellow fruit hangs over the branches. The meal was served quickly, with silver fish scrambled eggs, sauteed bamboo shoots, and a few dishes that were not named. They were local specialties, not very good, but fresh and unique. At the time of eating, the hospitable boss brings a pot of rice wine, can not resist the temptation, even drinks three bowls, is intoxicated by the rich wine aroma, the result is the wine is not intoxicated person is drunk.

While removal conspicuous. A natural simplicity and quiet beautiful island, was once innumerable sightseeing was replaced by the landscape of artificial replication, pavilions wine tasting, Buddha, stone steps, visitors, repeat the content of coming back to from the tired refused to and from the bottom of my heart, unconsciously lost interest, loitering clew in the destination.

Was covered with weeds mountain road, the road that a few occasionally the farmhouse, in the woods with tiles, white wall, the old stone mill spare road, new picking fruits in the front, birdsong in the forest, the pool pre-pubescent, a pond duckweed every piece, several through lotus, from time to time have a dragonfly landed on it. The worm, the frog, the lake, the rain... Everything makes people feel relaxed and carefree, suddenly, I don't know what day it is.

At last it rained, and it was not the rain. Looking at the lake in the distance, a misty white mist covered the lake, and the sails and distant mountains were looming, showing a hazy beauty. Thick and weak, shallow and deep, the eyes are wet with rain, the vision gradually blurred, the person is intoxicated, the heart is also intoxicated. At this moment, this scene, the unity of heaven and man, I forget.

The small island in the heart is just like this, there is a clear sky and the moon in the fine brushwork, there is also a drift in the rain. Savor, ponder slowly, look at the individual's creation.

Like an unknown song: "the lake is empty, the water side houses a few heavy, spring waves to the green curtain hook movement. The fishing boat is sideways, and the swallows are strong. The lallation, the red, the weaving of the east wind. That's what I believe.

Unconsciously, dusk fell. Behind me, the emerald green of the island is drenched in the drizzle, a touch of sadness lingering in my heart.

I can't let go, because the wonderful time I met unexpectedly was my own taste.
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2018/05/21 15:17:59 プライベート♪
Landscape sketch
The mountains are stony, strong and high, dust and dust. The soil receives grass seed, becomes felt, becomes carpet. Plant trees, bushes, brave men, far away blue sky, the white clouds. Take the birds and the insects, keep the birds and the birds, keep the animals, take in the sun, the rain, the moonlight, open the pores of its green grass, and open its arms on its branches. To extend life in the name of life, from invisible to tangible.

The water came from the sky, and it fell from the chest of the mountain, from its shoulders and back, to the foot of the mountain, and it looked up and looked up at the high unclimbed figure, which reflected the shadow of the mountain in its bosom, and was still not satisfied. He walked around the mountain, crawling on pebbles, pushing away dead trees and grass roots. It is graceful in the plain, but it is only extending the length of life, and one more journey with the mountain...

The mountains of my birthplace are sand dunes, covered with shrubs and weeds, and rounded. Ten years ago, when I came to the mountain in the south of xiaoxing 'an mountains, I knew what a mountain was.

The mountains here are all stone mountain. Many mountains were formed 10, 000 years ago, and have finally grown into the present mountain through the wind and rain. The southeast slope of the mountain is steep, with few vegetation, the spring and summer monsoon rains with the southeast wind and the cold northeast wind, not the chance to survive. The wind and rain have eroded the bare rock at random, and only the most tenacious and lucky grass can survive, and the spring comes to weave a thin layer of green gauze, covering the rocky bosom of the mountain.

The southwest slope of the mountain begins in the spring, until the frost comes down, the flowers bloom and the trees flourish. Da zixiang, mountain apricot, dandelion, yingchun, roll Dan, iris, peonies, wisteria, platycodon, radix scutellaria, lilies, carinae, thistle, wild bayonet, forerunning, daisies... These flowers, the second is open, the mountain flowers are not insoluble. From June to July, looking up from the foot of the mountain, the hillside is beautiful, which reminds people of the legend of the heavenly girl. Colorful wildflowers staggered growth, volume of brilliant red Dan - some call it wild lily, purple blue iris - some call it wild pigeons, iron pole, radix paeoniae alba, pink peony flowers gigantic, white jade carving of a carnation - someone called tashan corn, as well as those finely chopped tear open yellow flowers purple flower, make you hate not bee into a white butterfly, a mountain, sleep nights in the bushes.

The northwest slope of the mountain is another scene. On the top of the hill is the site of Mongolia's tussah, which is covered with birch, black birch, and scattered poplar and pine trees. Under the big tree, the forest was wide, with hazel trees and branches. In the mountains, the treasures are also born on this slope. There are the monkey mushroom, fungus, tree flowers and mushrooms under the tree. In a rainy year, a layer of mushroom comes out from under the ground, or it can be compared to a layer that comes out from under the ground. On the top floor, three or two days earlier, the mushroom umbrella was as big as a pancake, and the handle was as thick as a big toe. At the bottom, only a few hours later, the mushroom umbrella has not opened, like a flower. Their constitution is fragile, but in such crowded living space, no one can hurt anyone. They hold a ball like a large blooming flower.

The mountain is fragrant with incense, tree incense, grass fragrance and flower fragrance.

There are birds and swallows in the woods, birds of prey, birds of prey, birds of the hawk, and hawks, who fly silently and tirelessly in the valleys. There are deer in the mountains, roe deer, wild boar, wolves, foxes, snakes, spiders, ants... The mountains walk, there are people.

Most of the runners are men. In the mountains, mountains are men's work, unlike plains and hills, which are women's old and weak work. Where, if any of the bearded men had a basket on a day, and climbed the mountains, would they not be laughed to death? The mountain in the deep mountains is a mountain of suffering and danger, needs the body of the strong man, many for the strong man, carrying the waste basket, the good food and the water bottle, together up the mountain.

After each autumn, there will be a story of two fans, one or two myths about ghosts. There is a mountain king in the north mountain, hardworking and able to go in and out of the mountains alone. He had a "treasure map" in his heart, and he could find the best monkeys, fungus, mushrooms, hazelnuts. One day, however, he came across a wall. Later, he did not dare to go into the mountain himself, and he did not spend the night in the mountain. Before the sun went down, he had to go home. "He's going home before the sun goes down!" Not only his friends and family, but even the passersby knew of his illness, and people with sympathetic eyes saw him in a hurry, and spoke of it in a sympathetic tone. But they are the parties, and they never curse the mountain, not because of all kinds of misfortunes, hate mountain, because the mountain is too strong. The mountains are both their parents, their brothers, their lovers, their friends, the god they admire...

Water love mountain, nature has the nature of the mountain temperament. There are birds in the mountains and fish in the water. The hills are green, and the water keeps the wood. The roots of vegetation keep the mountains in shape and keep the water alive.

Mountains and rivers depend on each other. The most beautiful time is when the sun sets and rises. The morning mist, the spirit of the water rises and rises, gentle and ethereal, wandering and winding in the hills behind the mountains, the mountain that is always high, and the illusion of silence, to cover up the shame.

Mountains and rivers, at that moment, affable.
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2018/03/20 13:02:26 プライベート♪
The heart goes with the firework, the rain is finished
It always gives us an illusion,The chase of time.

But the pace of the twilight years is always with the pictures of the years. Just a few more years of silence, a few sad times. The memory of being in time is so long that it can't tell the pain of the moment. Walking in the years and years strong with that abandoned persistence in this curtain of prosperity. This silence will choose a good year to put it. The sunrise and sunset have been accompanied by the heavy rain.

Some people will see each other again. Maybe not. Because some people even meet again, also have no that year's blood. With that precipitation in time, some people meet once. Take each other to see an old age, don't ask the prosperous end. The time is not eternal. Some people walk away, and don't have to miss each other. The faster you go, the sooner you forget. Never give up!

The night was so quiet that I could hear my heart beating. Quiet as if this is my world, without disturbing the noise. I know that only by immersing myself in the sea of time. It may be that there is no end to it, and this night is still lonely. It is accompanied by all sentimentality and writing. With time, with years and years. See a flower bloom and fall, understand a human fireworks!

In the world. A lot of things have not been said, but have become a cruel reality. To die in despair, or to fly in time. We shouldn't care about be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, the ones that were lost in another way. Let us meet in a casual way! Life is a fate. No matter where you meet or many years later, meet again no matter what you once hated. We should all be thankful for the time. Thank each other! Because only be grateful for wherever you go, inner peace will always light up the distance!

The difficult days will always go through, and the cold winter will always usher in a beautiful spring. There are some things in life that you don't think you can do, just for a moment. You will know when the flowers bloom, and everything will be as complicated as it seems. The loss of time is the same for everyone, the only difference is the experience of everyone. Some experience some road you choose to go, must go to the end of the road. Some people have something to do with the wind, we have to be quiet.

Autumn has come and has always loved this season. Not hot, not cool, not impetuous, is a suitable for a long journey and a time to run. Do everything that you want to do, have been infatuated with autumn, because its beauty is graceful. The beauty of the harvest at first sight is not infatuation. Autumn is also a season of departure, the autumn wind leaves the cold wind piercing bone. The sad leaves of departure are all in the declaration, the cycle of the four seasons is a kind of extreme beauty.

Time is walking, we are growing all the way. We've seen a lot of people carry a lot of things, so we've seen a lot of light. Understanding the meaning of life, more understanding of tolerance and harmony. The future is just a distant generation of words, we just need to seize each day not to waste on the things that are not worth. As long as a little progress every day will be close to the dream, can only so comfort oneself! But some things are predestined. We can't change the price of the future. It is a kind of speechless and a deep encouragement.

It may be forgotten today, but it will take you further.

It is not a state to be indifferent to being a sage.
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