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2018/03/12 11:40:03 プライベート♪
Meditate in the spring
Spring is used to be like this: from the collect inside green mountains, the snow don't stay up any longer, snow, with a grim smile into flower, top keep song is from the cloud to the foothills, from the foothills to decadence in a low voice, singing artless villages, sing into a duckling yellow, sing into the soft mud - broad, soft, like a new double bed quilt mud -.
It was so charming, so sensitive, yet so chaotic. A loud thunder, can be unjustly cry all the clouds, a cuckoo cries, azaleas can dou in a city, a gust of wind, every willow tree YinChu one is white, light and airy said can say, listen to also can't hear --, willow, every -- is a semicolon. Anyway, spring is so unreasonable, illogical, and still good enough to make people calm.
Inevitably goes like this: spring pond leaves dark flowers withered stem of residual bitter guard an old root, north the ground the roof roof wanhu suffered deceives snow, the wind gently holding a small empty swallow nest. Then, suddenly one day, peach blossom all the mountain village water profile fell. The willows hold the royal furrows and the river heads of the people -- the spring is like a bright and bright master, and beautiful for the long, pious hope of prayer.
And about the name of the spring, there was such a story: before the "book of songs", before the "history", before the changjie untouched, a lamb when eaten grass suddenly feel more juice, one of the children flying kites when suddenly feel fit, a pair of leg pain at suddenly feel comfortable, thousands of hand in the famous double element in taojiang river wun sha suddenly feel blood relation of water... When they ran to each other in surprise, they decided to put their mouths into the shape of whistling, naming the season -- "spring" -- in a pleasant whisper.
The bird can begin to measure the sky again. Some are responsible for measuring the blue degree of the sky, some are responsible for measuring the transparency of the sky, some are responsible for using the wings, measuring the height and depth of the sky. And all the birds are not good mathematicians, they chirp and calculate, nuclear and nuclear, and finally dare not to announce the statistics.
As for all the flowers, they were given to the butterfly. All the stamens are sent to the bees to compile. All the trees, to the wind to indulge. And the wind, the old fengling before the eave to remember, one by one.
Spring must have been so, or, where, is it still so? Through the black forest of chimneys and chimneys, I would like to visit the spring in the far-off ages.
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2018/02/02 16:36:18 プライベート♪
The bull is willing to go all out
I have an acquaintance who is a surgeon and expert at a well-known large hospital. Sometimes the party, some of our friends couldn't help but praise him: "oh, why are you so strong? A young age is a promising future. "The boy must have been clever since he was a boy, and he belongs to a natural cow."
Whenever he heard these words wine wset, he could not help crying. Say, you, all just see my now, but did not see how I was how diligently, how desperately. Don't mention the bitterness before the college entrance examination, it is to go to university, I did not slack off one day.
Five years of college life, I have learned professional knowledge in the early days, and I have done experiments over and over again. In order to become a doctor, I have no time to fall in love. After graduation, another three years of hard work apartment rental. I spent all my time studying and working when others were eating and drinking.
Where is born wise, but is willing to suffer hardship. Because there has been a period of all-out efforts to have today's small achievements.
Yes, we can only see him today, but at the beginning, he has experienced many setbacks and efforts, but we have never seen them.
When I was in college, I knew a senior. We have a department, different majors. In college, unlike other students, she spent most of her time in the classroom and in the library. Especially in the senior year, prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination, early and late return, high-speed operation. In the end, I successfully got into a famous university.
After a three-year master's degree, she successfully entered a famous private company through several rounds of competitive interviews. Like a lot of new people, constantly learning, honing, thick-skinned consult others, stay up to write plans, change plans, the company, customers run everywhere.
Within half a year, her performance was ahead of the company. Needless to say, as long as she continues to do so, it's time to move on to management. However, a year later, she suddenly quit her job, which can be Fried with friends and family Accpac system.
When her family didn't understand her, she started her own company. There were only two people at first, she was one, and the other was her boyfriend.
The company started out as a stationery business. Later, she wanted to be bigger, so she took the company to run around the country, wind and rain, and began to make sound boxes, teaching loudspeakers, electronic dictionaries and other accessories.
After several years of struggle, the company built a whole production line, producing and selling multimedia equipment, teaching machines, learning computers, speakers and so on. Now, her company's business has been able to reach the whole south China region, with annual sales of more than 40 million yuan.
I admire this senior, and I admire her more. For it was not in vain, but she had earned it with her own sweat.
The experience of senior tells me that a person who goes all out, whatever he does, is likely to succeed.
Now, whenever someone says she's good, she laughs it off. Only she knows how hard it is, how hard it is, and how hard it is to stay up late to work and die.
Every "cow" life, has been carrying a load forward. Those you think of as cattle, their "good", but is fierce in beyond the ordinary efforts, beyond the ordinary people's persistence.
The world, there is no simple, easy and successful people. If you want to send a light in front of people, you will have to pay a hundredfold to conserve calories. You have to believe that success is fair to everyone: it recognizes and rewards industry, effort, indifference, and punishment for idleness and negativity.
Young you, don't patronize to admire other people's cow, also want to make a full effort for their dream. You haven't tried. How do you know you can't get there? For a life with light and heat, and a memorable life, in order not to be the success of others, you, today, ready to go all out?
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2018/02/02 16:27:46 プライベート♪
My father and I talked about the new age
Over the weekend, I went to my father's house to help with the cooking. Father sat in front of the television as usual.
When I arrived, my father said, "it's the weekend. I'm not in a hurry to cook. We'll talk." I walked over, puzzled, wondering: what did my father want to see me about?
"Come and see the show." "Said the father. I just found out that the program my father was watching was the current hit show, "awesome, our new era."
Father, seventy-five - year - old, is a retired a whole for many years, the body has been very good, no personal hobby, in addition to the stadium to participate in morning exercise every day, is to watch TV at home, have a very pleasant life.
"Why, you say, is the new age?" Hearing my father's question, I understood that my father was testing me.
"In the new era, this is the new historical position of China's development. It is the time when the Chinese nation has risen from its feet and become rich to the present. It is the time to realize the common prosperity of all the people; It is the time to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation... "I stroked my thoughts and looked at the television slowly.
"China economically backward from the past to now become the world's second-largest economy, from the" members "to a voice in the world, China's rapid advance planning all the way ' 'area construction, well run by the investment Banks in China, China is increasingly into the world stage the central... "My mind gradually broadened, and I said more and more.
Father followed my words about the change of the state, "when you go to school, only a month more than ten catties of food supplies, never enough to eat, buy a plane to food stamps, want to buy cloth clothing, at the feast the unit didn't smoke wine, ticket... Wang wei crashed, the confederate embassy was bombed, we had to protest, major international disputes we abstained... "
"The main contradiction in our society has also changed, and it has been translated into the contradiction between the people's ever-growing good life needs and the unbalanced development." I continued to play, and my father chimed in from time to time. "the nation is generally well off, but the people are more demanding in terms of environmental protection, food safety, fairness and justice... "
As soon as I spoke, my father and I watched the TV until noon, until mom put the food on the table.
When I got home, I picked up another nineteen reports, and I was very pleased with myself: thanks to the fact that I had learned so much in the last 19 reports, it was really embarrassing to be asked by my father.
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